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Who are Green Gold Energy?

Green Gold Energy, based in the Riverland, South Australia, is a joint venture between Paringa based Yates Electrical Services, and the Jingeng Investment Group based in Hangzhou, China. Green Gold Energy offers land-owners and investors the opportunity to re-purpose redundant land parcels for the construction and implementation of large scale Solar Farms. By utilising vacant land titles with an average footprint of approximately 5 acres, Green Gold Energy Solar Farms are designed solely to export generated energy into the grid, enabling energy to be sold on the National Electricity Market while simultaneously generating Large Generation Certificates.

Green Gold Energy are focused on making the process and installation of these Solar Farms as seamless as possible by engaging farmers, primary producers and investors to work with us in offering a standardised turn-key Solar Farm solution. Our involvement with this project - and its implementation in the Riverland - represents our desire to provide growth and prosperity in several key areas simultaneously, including:

• Generation of maintenance and constructions jobs

• Providing supplementary income to land and property owners

• Providing additional income streams to investors and shareholders

• Strengthening the local economy through job creation and innovation

• Utilisation of current government incentives through STC and LGC creation

• Introduction of new innovative industries to the Riverland and surrounding regions

Flow on effects from this include more money remaining within the local community, providing the economy the assets to improve infrastructure, and create a stronger and much more sustainable population.

The quality of education of the need for a greener planet for the next generation of innovators will increase significantly, with our region being at the epicentre of contemporary thinking. We will also expose the Riverland and surrounding regions to the National Electricity Market, which will give generators the ability to trade their power generation, increasing local revenue, and create an exciting new industry for the Riverland.
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